The Snow Day That Wasn’t…

Do you remember those days when you were a kid and one of the things you always looked forward to was a snow day? You didn’t have to go to school AND you could play in the snow. Many of you probably experienced this during your childhood. In my opinion, snow days were the best days! Growing up in northern Delaware, the snow was always hit or miss. But when it hit, I gave that snow my best snow angel.

What is playing in snow without making a snow angel?! 

When I was little, my older brother Anthony and I would do everything possible from wearing pajamas inside out, sleeping with a spoon under our pillows, writing “snow” on a piece of paper and taping it to the window, turning it outward just in case mother nature was reading my sign at that very moment to encourage the snow to fall.

Let’s go mother nature! I have a snowman that needs making…

Well today, as an adult, I still get amped over potential snow days. I turn on the news and usually say, “you better get this right this time… getting my hopes up and all!” Those days of wanting to miss school turned into days of begging for work snow days… of course, now, snow days are more like “work from home” days, if you’re lucky. They’re still so fun to me. Comfy clothes all day + hot cocoa = perfection.

Nevertheless, I did my best snow dance, with my pj’s inside out, a spoon under the pillow, a sign out pointed out the window… hello, mother nature, are you there?

I may have overdone the mojo… What was supposed to be a 6-9 inch snow storm turned into a 3-6 inch snowstorm to just a light snow with enough to coat the grass and no roadways… harrumph! (I know what those in regions that get FAR more snow than us are thinking… but let me tell you, it is a sea of non-experienced snow drivers. You don’t want to personally witness it.)

I must buy all the things…

Either way, instead of mad dashes to the grocery store for bread, eggs, milk and all things people seem to need right before a light dusting of snow…

Welp, here I am… at work again… being all productive. Until next time, Mr. Snow.

Inquiring minds would like to know:

  • What did you look forward to most as a kid?
  • What fun snow traditions did you have?
  • What did you try to do to “encourage” the snow to fall?